Monday, March 21, 2011

6 months and counting...

My baby girl is 6 months old today. She is growing like a weed. She has just begun to show signs of cutting teeth. So some days she is a little on the fussy side. She is doing some better with her Acid reflux and still taking meds for that. We go to her 6 month Check up next week.
She loves her big brothers and watches everywhere they go and just laughs at them. Kyle is so ruff with her where Caleb is gentle and loving. The boys just protect her anytime other kids come around her. It is so sweet. I pray that continues as she gets older.

She will be going on her second trip to the Smokies since she has been born. We are leaving out tomorrow headed to Townsend to stay in a cabin. Andy will be working at Fontana Dam Wednesday and Thursday and me and the kids will be adventuring. :) Not real sure what we will do but it will be fun nonetheless. Friday we will head home sometime. I am looking forward to getting away from everyday life for a few days.

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