Thursday, March 10, 2011

What is Rest?????

I realized today that it had been a week sense I had wrote anything. It has been a very busy week. We were so busy over the weekend just enjoying having Andy home on Friday was so nice. We went shoe shopping for the kids and then had supper at a Ichiban (Japanese restaurant) it is kind of like a Shogun just in Marshall county. Hahaha but the boys were loving the dinner show and if course the food was delicious.

Saturday I was busy getting ready for Tracey's baby shower until about 10:30 when I was getting Caleb ready an pulled on his arm to comb his hair and well that was a trip to the ER. He had nurses maid elbow. Which is where the tendon rolls over the bone and pulls and obviously really hurts. Poor guy but he was a big boy and did not cry to bad. But we did make it to the shower and enjoyed it.

Andy has had a very hard week at work with all the rain it makes his job very nerve racking since he works on Dams on the Tennessee River. He has worked 12 hours a day since Tuesday. But thankfully he is off tomorrow. We are hopefully going to get a wooden play set for the kids and then going to eat with my family for Andy's birthday (that was in February).

I have been planning our trip to Colorado in May and I am getting so excited about it.

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