Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So Behind......

Wow!!!  I wrote on my blog last night and got up to date but then it disappearred.  So today I am going to try again. 

We have been so busy.  I had someone tell me "well when you get some down time" and I laughed and said what is that. hahaha

We were not able to refinance thanks to our appraisial.  So I am so disppointed I won't get my bedroom furniture yet.  :(

We will be going to to Denver in May for Andy's Conference.  The kids and I are tagging along with him and his parents are going also.  We are looking so forward to that trip.  It is definately a BIG trip for us.  While we are there I will get to see a good friend and can't wait.  We are planning to go to the Denver Zoo, Candy Factory, and several other things.  Please pray that we have a fun and safe trip.

We have been going out on the boat the last few pretty weekends.  2 out of the 3 times we have gone has been horrible but when we went on Monday all the kids were great and had a good time.  Hoping for more fun later this summer.

Monday we received sad new that my great Aunt Elaine Jenkins passed away.  Andy, myself and Adeline will be traveling on Saturday to the Memorial Service in Clarksville, TN.  The boys will be staying with my in laws. 

Hoping we have a good Easter with the kids.  This is the first time in 5 years and Andy I have been home for Easter.  We are normally at Lads to Leaders Convention in Nashville, TN.  So we are kind of lost on what to do.  hahaha

Well, I better get off here AGAIN and get somethings done.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time is flying by...

Wow I can't believe it is April already!! Where did the first three months go.

A year ago this month Andy started his job with TVA in Chattanooga. Since then we have had our house on and of the market several times. We have prayed so hard for it to sell so we could get closer to Chattanooga, but we are so thankful it did not sell quick. We both agree we would have hated moving away from our families. We are staying right where we are in Grant, AL. We have added a few things to the backyard like a swing set for the kids, fire pit and patio for us and then also moved our swing to the backyard. We are enjoying being outside more now.

We hope to close on our refinancing by the 14th of the month and then we are getting new bedroom furniture. Yea yea yea I am so excited. We have waited so long to get it and finally are able to.

We enjoyed the day outside today playing and then this afternoon while Adeline and Kyle napped I was able to clean the floors and do laundry and a few other things inside the house. Did not get everything done but most of it.

Hoping tonight I get better sleep and I sleep all night. I have had this tickle in my throat and it won't go away with me nursing I just can't take anything unfortunately. So most of the time I just deal with it.