Sunday, May 15, 2011

Life is full of surprises...

So much ha gone on since I last posted. Which I actually think I posted something after Easter but I guess it never actually posted. So...

The Saturday night we got home from my great Aunt's Memorial Service in Clarksville, TN; we end up at the Hospital with Kyle for two nights. It was a roller coaster of emotions and scary all at the same time. He was having abdominal pain, blood sugar was high (364) and heart rate was like 130-135. He was in a lot if pain for a two year old. They checked him for everything from appendicitis, to intesticitus, to childhood diabetes. They ran CT scan, ultrasound, and x-ray. They also took his blood every four hours. In a 24 hour period they took of 24 vials of blood. We had a check up two weeks go and we still aren't totally sure except for him having constipation. In the CT scan it showed his bowels full of stool. So now we give him miralax at least once a week.

I had a wonderful Mother's day. I got a manicure and peticure gift certificate and plan to use it Thursday!! :) we spent lunch with Andy's mom and then went to see my mom later at church.

Well, we fly out Saturday for Colorado. We are really looking forward to our trip. Hoping that everything goes smooth. But with three kids there are always bumps. Hahaha We will be visiting the Denver Zoo, Hammonds candy factory, Rocky Mountain national park, Royal Gorge, Denver children's museum And probably a Rockies game but not sure yet. The boys are so excited about flying on an airplane.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel there and back.