Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh the days with all five of us together are the most fun!! Now that Abdy works 10 hour days we get him every Friday! We have gotten lots lots of little projects done around the house the past three weeks. We have bought the kids a swing set, built a fire pit with a brick area around it and now we are moving our swing to the back.

With all the nice weather outside the boys have loved it and so have I not being cramp in the house. Caleb has just become such a bigger helper while Andy has worked outside. And Kyle is just running everywhere he can go!

Today we had pictures taken by my cousin Leah and then had a picnic at Big Spring Park. Oh the boys loved it, well except for the picture part haha. We could not get them both to smile at the same time for nothing. They wanted to through rocks at the fish or climb on the rocks or make silly faces. But that is ok too maybe one day I will get them both smiling. The joys of my boys always makes me smile. We tried to get Adeline to sit for some pictures but just do ready for that.

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