Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We are constantly on the go it seems. Monday consisted of laundry then leaving to take stuff to Kids Market (a two week consignment sale), getting Adeline's medicine refilled which took an hour to do. My sweet mother in law came and watched all three kids for me.
Today has consisted of taking the boys to mother's day out, grocery shopping, delivering AVON and cleaning my house.
Andy and I are leaving on a 4 day trip to Orlando so packing will be my priorty the rest of the week. The boys are staying with Andy's parents and Adeline is staying with my parents so there is lots of packing to be done before Saturday. Packing for three different places will be a little challenging. Hahaha

Hoping the week slows down so that I can get everything done. I need the house to be show ready JUST IN CASE someone wants to look at it. This house selling business is getting old but we have got to get a bigger house.
I guess that is all for now I need to get back to cleaning and laundry. :)

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