Friday, February 25, 2011

Almost back to Normal!

We made it home on Tuesday and had all the kiddos back home by 7:00pm. It was so good to get hugs and kisses from the boys. But they were so sick. Kyle has been so pitiful this week. Today is the first day he has actually played and not been whiny. Caleb you would not even know he has Strep.
Yesterday I had to go run a few errands with ALL the kids. So I get everyone loaded up and we head out. We are on our way to the bank when Kyle coughs and then throws up in the car. Caleb out of reflux he throws up too. Lucky I was close to home so I just came on home and put them in the tub. Oh but before he left Caleb had a horrible diaper and when I laid him down to change him it went all over the carpet and up his back. It was a rough morning but we made it through the day and poor Kyle cried himself to sleep last night cause his ear was hurting. :(
Eventful days like yesterday make me a better mommy I do believe. I hate it when they are that pitiful and helpless.

Today is a much better day the boys are so much better and playing. Just hoping Kyle will eat today. I am sorry for all the graphics earlier but I just wanted to document the day. Hahaha like I will forget it.
Hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Sorry you had a bad day! Hope the boys are feeling better. I hate when days like that all happens at once and Andrew is usually at work. So tiring and stressful for stay-at-home Mommas!