Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And the Journey goes on...

Well we have been back from Colorado over a week now and I am just now getting back to my routine.  We came back and went from looking for a Mini-Van to looking for a camper.  This morning Andy went to Rainsville and finally found one that did not have water damage.  :) We leave for the Smokies on the 17th to go camping.

Colorado Trip was absolutely wonderful we had such a great time.  The flight there was pretty stressful and we were exhausted by the time landed and then we got the rental car and went to EAT.  After we left from eating we headed for the hotel and well we got lost.  It was 9:30 our time before we made it to the hotel.

On Sunday, we went to church at Columbine Church of Christ with a close friend (Kaleena Cain Treybig) that had gotten married and moved there.  We went and ate with Kaleena and Giff at a wonderful restaurant but I can't remember the name of it now.   We left there and went to the Rocky Mountain National Park to see snow.  As we were coming through Estes Park we saw Elk in the median at a red light.We could only go 11 miles  down Trail Ridge Road beacause there were 12 to 15 foot snow drifts. The mountains were absolutely beautiful.  I have never seen anything like it and of course pictures dont do it justice. As we were leaving we stopped in at the Beaver Valley Visitors Center. 

On Monday, Andy went to his conference and the rest of us went to the Hammond's Candy Factory and the Denver Children's Museum.  It was suppose to rain and never did.  We went back to the hotel and the kids got a great nap and I got laundry done.  We met Andy for supper and Chili's. 

On Tuesday, Andy went to his conference and the rest of us went to Canun City to Royal Gorge.  On our way there just north of Colordao Springs we stopped for gas and got caught in a hail storm.  My Father in law was ordering coffee as it was hailing on the guy at McDonald's.  That was such a weird experience.  it had hailed so much that it was freezing to the rodes and looked like snow had just fallen.  We finally made it Royal Gorge and we rode the train through the Gorge and that was so beautiful. We didn't get to see any wildlife but the view from the open train car was awesome. The boys loved riding on the BIG train and we got our picture with the Conductor.  We drove back and met Andy at Casa Bonita in Denver for supper.  The boys absolutely loved eating there.  The cliff divers and the little skits entertained them so much they didn't eat anything. 

On Wednesday, Andy went to his conference and the rest of us we stayed around Denver and went to Red Rocks Ampitheatre.  It was another great experience that I am so glad we went to.  It was nothing that I had ever imagined it looking like.  The Rocks were HUGE.  There were 69 rows and all kinds of people there exercising.  The view from the Top was amazing.  The decided to eat there in the Red Rocks Restaurant.  They had a wonderful Tortilla soup and ceaser salad.  :-)  Then we went to Buffalo Bill's Museum and Grave andy got out early and met us there.  We then went and ate at White Fence Farm and had a horrible time.  I was so disappointed in the service and people there.  Just so my kids could have a cup with a lid I was going to have to pay for it.  The served kids drinks in an small coffee like cup (not ideal for kids people).  Then they had an indoor slide area and they were very rude on not letting the boys slide because they were to small.  the lady told me "well they need to eat more chicken" ugh. I will stop talking about that it still makes me mad.

On Thursday,  Andy went to his conference and the rest of us went to the Denver Zoo.  It was Amazing also, the kids loved the monkey's  ;-)  we actually did not finish seeing everything because we were so give out and they were adding more to it.  We met Andy for supper at the Denver Aquarium.

On Friday, Andy went to his conference and the rest of us stayed around the Hotel and packed up so we would not have a lot to do when we got back from our day.  We met Andy at his Conference Hotel and headed off to the Continental Divide.  We Stopped at Echo Lake and FROZE. Then went up to Summit Lake and it was Frozen over and 32 degrees and extremely windy.  we came back down and then to Loveland Pass up to the Continental Divide and back down through the tunnel.  We were able to get our picture at the Continental Divide Sign but were freezing.  They also had about 10-12 foot snow drifts.  As we were coming down the mountain we passed several ski slopes and people were skiing and the boys though it was so neat. 

On Saturday, we made our journey back home.  When we landed in Atlanta we heard that a plane had caught on fire on the runway so our plane was late leaving.  Thank goodness though cause our arrival plane was late getting to the gate because of the plane on fire and also had to go from Concourse C to Concourse A (ride the tram to get there)  this was not easy I had to abandon Andy the boys and his parents because my ticket would not print in Denver when we left.  I was so scared that I would not make it and fly back with them.  But we all made it back safe and together.

We had such an amazing trip.  I just wish that Andy could have done everything that we did.  I took over 1300 pictures and wish that I could post them all.  My hope now is to keep being able to travel with him to all his conferences.  hahaha.  Well, I am glad that I was able to remember mostly everything that we did and I am sure I left something out. 

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time! Kyle was telling us all about his plane ride in Bible class :) He's so adorable! His eyes would get so big - you can tell he enjoyed himself. Hope you post pictures soon so we can see all that you saw!